Spring has finally arrived! Flowers are blooming, markets are full of colorful seasonal vegetables and delicious fruits. Sun is shining and the sky gets darker much later, which will all make us happier and a bit better!

However, with spring the spring fatigue is also just around the corner. But what exactly is spring fatigue?
Basically, our body wakes up after the winter lifestyle and meets the new season. The increased demand of energy for longer spring days can exceed our body’s capacity to handle this change. So we basically feel more tired and more stressed.

But no worries- this can be easily managed by the following tricks&tips:

1: Lower your stress level by setting up daily and weekly routines. Also, take regular daily breaks for resting your mind and body.

2: Boost your energy level by drinking plenty of water. Support your immune system with keeping a balanced diet and eating small amounts of nutritious food full of protein. Try out new recipes using them, the sky’s the limit!

3: Take naps and focus on sleeping well! Try to sleep 8 hours a day and avoid scrolling your phone before going to bed and keep your sleep environment comfortable and consistent

4: Help to your emotional stability with some nice meditation or relaxation program. Find many of these online for free and make it as a social activity with your friends!

5: Take colder showers! It will refresh and boost your mood and energy and it is very efficient for your circulation! Also, your skin will be so thankful for this!

6: Go out into the fresh air to do some exercise. Vitamin D will also give some extra happiness during these exercises. Find a great motivational playlist, so it will feel even more enjoyable! If you don’t like jogging or running, a simple walk also does its job. Don’t forget to stretch during the day if it is needed.

7: There is nothing better than a nice spring walk into nature! Enjoy the blooming and witness it with your own eyes! It is also ideal for some early picnics as well – don’t forget to take with yourself your favorite spring treats or your books!

8: Keep your home clean- get rid of things you don’t need anymore and do a full spring clean at your home! It will feel so refreshing and revitalizing to have a wonderful living space! Buy some nice flowers as well which will create a very lively environment!

Let’s start these tips TODAY and fight with the spring fatigue with the help of the following Kyäni product:

Kyäni Sunrise: The Riboflavin, Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) and Panax ginsengs fights with fatigue* among many other amazing ingredients as well! Best way to use it as part of the Triangle of Wellness!

Make sure you have enough of the Triangle of Wellness for the springtime! If you need to stock up, go to the store for some supply!