Your last Smoothie recipe is here!

This week we give you an amazing and new smoothie recipe, called Spicy Green! This smoothie recipe is special in every way. It contains one of the most popular Kyäni product, the Kyäni HL5, and it is also a really delicious-refreshing one from Team Veggie!

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Our awesome new Smoothie Booklet is coming in October! So get ready for the amazing new recipes and the great new style of the booklet!

Until that time, in all September we provide you one printed-out recipe flyer EACH WEEK along with your purchase as long as stock lasts!

And why is this new Smoothie Booklet so special?

It includes brand-new categories, 30 recipes (including recipes from our colleagues), and it has a totally new design too!

The countdown is on, stay tuned until October for the new Smoothie Booklet! And don’t forget to buy your favourite product for the free recipe flyer!

Find here the video of the making of Spicy Green Smoothie: