2020 Theme: Rise Together

We all have a dream—a vision of what we want our lives to be. But dreams don’t just happen. They don’t come true unless we go after them and make them happen.

As our Founder, Kirk Hansen said, “It’s in the combination of belief and faith, leading to action, that wonderful things happen.” We can only bring hope—the promise of a better life, through our actions. 

Even when we take some hits, we don’t give up. We act. We rise up to face our challenges. Because with a dream as big as ours, it’s not just a mountain that has to be climbed. It’s a fight that has to be won. 

That’s why this year, our theme is Rise Together. Every time we get knocked down, we rise up, and because we’re partners we rise together. It is only together, with this shared mission, this shared dream, and the commitment we’ve made to our founders and to each other, that we meet our goals. 

So this year, we invite you to join us in this shared vision: Rise Together and fulfill our mission of bringing hope—the promise of a better life—through wellness and opportunity.

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