Benefit Spotlight: Nitro

Benefit Spotlight: Nitro Benefit Spotlight: Nitro

Developing nitro-powered products that deliver incredible benefits from nitric oxide has been a Kyäni staple fromthe beginning.  

What do we mean when we say “nitro”?

We use this term to talk about our products and systems that promote your body’s production of nitric oxide, which serves as one of the most important signaling molecules in the body.

At Kyäni, we’ve carefully designed ways to help your body achieve what we call the Nitro Effect™, including Nitro Nutrition and Nitro-centered products.

What’s the Nitro Effect?

This refers to nitric oxide’s many amazing processes and benefits. First, this molecule promotes nutrient absorption and supports proper circulation. It also helps your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels, optimize digestion, and support collagen resistance.

An in-depth look at nitric oxide’s benefits

This powerful molecule is one of the most important in the body. Here’s why:

  • The nitric oxide produced in vascular tissue ensures blood flow to various organs and helps support healthy blood pressure.
  • Nitric oxide production helps support healthy thyroid function to promote a healthy metabolism.
  • Nitric oxide is necessary for regulation of blood flow through the circulatory system. By supporting healthy blood flow, nitric oxide brings more oxygen and nutrients to cells and supports healthy sexual function.
  • Nitric oxide produced by certain bone cells called osteocytes promotes bone mineralization.
  • Nitric oxide promotes blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles, helping you perform better during workouts.
  • Nitric oxide supports a healthy immune system by creating a healthy environment. Within a healthy environment, blood cells may support the production of nitric oxide.

How does Kyäni promote the Nitro Effect?

Kyäni offers several high-quality, effective products that help your body achieve the Nitro Effect. These include Kyäni Nitro FX®, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme®, and even the new Kyäni Restore®. Even more, we have a simple, life-changing program that helps you achieve results.

Nitro FX (Canada): This simple formula is derived from certified organic noni fruit concentrate and specially formulated to support the body’s production of nitric oxide, promote energy, support nutrient delivery, and provide antioxidants that help protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Nitro Xtreme (U.S.): Nitro Xtreme features organic noni fruit concentrate to support the body’s production of nitric oxide and other benefits. However, it also contains CoQ10 and several important minerals, including zinc, magnesium, thiamine, chromium, and niacin to promote healthy cognitive and brain function, immune support, and more.

Restore (U.S.): This elite formula’s NitroBiotics™ are the first and only proprietary probiotic stack that focuses on your body’s overall nitric oxide production. NitroBiotics help promote nutrient absorption, help maintain healthy gut flora, and support immune function.

Nitro Nutrition: Nitro Nutrition provides the plan, the products, and the community to reach your goals. Co-created by health and fitness guru Mark Macdonald, this incredible program has already helped thousands of people achieve the Nitro Effect and get on track toward a healthier lifestyle.

This information relies upon scientific research on certain ingredients in Kyäni products. None of the studies examined Kyäni products specifically, and there is not necessarily a relationship between the results of these studies and any Kyäni product. Neither the studies nor the statements and products referenced here have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Kyäni products are not intended to, and do not, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition.

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