Get to Know Andrea Neipp

Get to Know Andrea Neipp Get to Know Andrea Neipp

What does it take to build a world-wide mental wellness brand like Amare? A world class marketing team! There’s no better person to head our global marketing efforts than our Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Andrea Neipp. 

Andrea is a seasoned brand marketer with two decades of experience leading marketing and communications teams. Her career spans many facets of marketing, with a depth of expertise in guiding brands to increase visibility and relevance in the wellness, beauty, and direct-selling industries.

Andrea has a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Brigham Young University. She enjoys fostering connections, building communities, and championing creativity and empowerment.

Prior to joining Amare, Andrea led the award-winning global communications strategy at a wellness company that transformed brand awareness, created corporate programs and processes, established a large organic social community, and repositioned the brand narrative.

Although these impressive accomplishments placed Andrea on a successful path most would envy, her physical and mental health began to suffer the effects of corporate burnout. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Andrea left all that she knew behind and set out to travel the world in hopes of resetting her life and priorities. 

When she was ready to step back into her career, Andrea knew she needed to be a part of something that connected with the new level of mindfulness she had discovered. Listening to Amare Founder Hiep Tran’s story, she saw how it mirrored much of her own and knew that Amare would be the right fit. Today she’s excited to help further Amare’s mental wellness mission and (with the help of her two favorite products in hand, MentaSync and GBX Pep), continue to transform her own life and the lives of others.