Help Make a Difference with Caring Hands

Caring Hands Caring Hands

Thanks to the generosity of our Kyäni family, we are proud to continue our mission to deliver hope to communities in need around the world with Caring Hands. As we announced at the 2021 Global Convention Caring Hands Luncheon, we are thrilled to kick off this year’s Caring Hands project! For this year’s project, we have the opportunity to build a high school that will serve the local community in Nuevo Leon, Chiapas, Mexico.

About the Project

As part of the Caring Hands Mission to bring hope, this project will help improve access to education and opportunity for the Nuevo Leon community. The state of Chiapas is the poorest in Mexico, with nearly 75% of people living in poverty. In Nuevo Leon, over half of students drop out of school in their high school years to begin working instead.

With the new high school, we are committed to making a difference for these youth and the entire community, and in turn, they have been incredible partners on the project. Future students and their families regularly volunteer to help build the school as they look forward to the day they can attend. This brand-new school will open in January and will have three classrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. 

This December, the Kyäni community will embark on the Caring Hands Trip, one of the most special events of the year, as we come together to celebrate the grand opening of the school! Kyani volunteers will help make the final touches, then we will officially dedicate the new high school with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This year’s trip is full, and we can’t wait to share the highlights later this year! If you are interested in attending a future trip, be sure to attend the Caring Hands Luncheon at our annual Convention events to learn about upcoming opportunities and the chance to reserve your spot.

Care to donate? 

The Caring Hands project is the perfect chance for global Kyäni members to work together to inspire change! All Caring Hands donations in September will go toward the Nuevo Leon high school. Support this incredible effort by donating today.