Improving School Infrastructure in Majosik, Chiapas

For Kyäni Caring Hands, providing children and youth access to quality education is of great importance, in fact, it is part of the Caring Hands mission. 

Experience has taught us that improving educational facilities in schools has a direct correlation with the motivation, continuity, and increased participation and learning of students. Having beautiful and well-maintained schools is crucial for our students’ ability to thrive academically and to reach their goals.

For this reason, we are working on building school classrooms and a computer lab in Majosik, Chiapas. This project is very close to the heart for all of us here at Kyäni and it motivates us to continue achieving the Caring Hands mission. This project is underway and will be completed with the participation of the Business Partners that join us on the next Caring Hands Service Trip.

We invite you to rise together and join us! Together we will make a difference.

School Structure in Majosik, Chiapas
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