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2021 Dec. Caring Hands Trip Highlight

At Kyäni, our mission is to bring hope to people and communities around the globe. Each year, we have an incredible opportunity to give back together as part of the Caring Hands Trip and in 2021, we were able to go twice!

The Nuevo León community is nestled high in the mountains. Three years ago, the community began construction on a school, but unfortunately, a lack of funding halted the building before it could be completed. We recognize the great value of education and how it can impact people and communities like Nuevo León. So, with your help, we raised the funds to finish the school.

This past December, the Caring Hands expedition was proud to officially complete this beautiful project! Kyäni volunteers joined community members to place window glass and frames, mix and pour concrete sidewalks, paint the building, and make the finishing touches to make this school everything the youth there deserve.

Over half the students in the Majosik region drop out of school. However, thanks to the generosity of our Business Partners, Customers, and staff worldwide, we were able to help build a university extension for students in Majosik, Chiapas, Mexico, who had never had access to education beyond grade school. Now, the students can complete their university educations and use those degrees to help support and improve their communities!

Kyäni partnered with UNACH (Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas) to help build the school, which now features an excellent library that hosts new online learning programs to help these dedicated students continue their education in a community where walking to school requires one hour travel each way.

The impact our Business Partners have had on these regions is truly remarkable, and we’re ready to do more! In March 2022, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and getting to work in the Los Pozos region and we can’t wait!

Find out how you can support future Caring Hands efforts below.

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