Loving Kyäni Products: Diana Hodson

Product Success Story: Diana Hodson Product Success Story: Diana Hodson

When Diana Hodson first heard about Kyäni, she wasn’t interested. In fact, she politely declined invitations to learn more for nearly three years! In 2019, she started to be concerned with her health and the loss of some of her mobility she’d enjoyed for most of her life as an active dance and gymnastics teacher. 

“I had some concerns with my right hip,” Diana remembers, “and it was getting to a point where walking even just half a mile was becoming a challenge!”. I wanted to try anything and everything to see if it would help. So, I finally went to a Kyäni presentation at my friend’s house and placed my first order in December 2019.”

Soon, Diana was consistently taking the Triangle of Health and Kyäni HL5® and waited patiently to see if she would start to feel better. After a few months, she noticed she was sleeping better and that everything from putting her socks on to walking around the grocery store was getting easier! 

The Triangle of Health and HL5 will always be Diana’s favorites, but she also loves many other Kyäni products. She loves that taking Kyäni ON® helps her stay awake on long road trips with her husband and also gives her the energy to be a grandma to five young grandkids.

Taking Kyäni Restore® has helped support her digestion and she believes Kyäni Electro™ is one of the most delicious ways to stay hydrated. Last but not least, she loves that Kyäni Origin™ and FIT20® protein powders are not only tasty but have great ingredients.  

“Because of Kyäni products, I have a better quality of life,” Diana says. “I have more flexibility and more strength! I was even able to go to Disneyland and walk around all day for three days with very little assistance. I am so grateful that I found Kyäni!”