Loving Kyäni Products: Helen Cardoza

Loving Kyäni Products: Helen Cardoza Loving Kyäni Products: Helen Cardoza

When Helen Cardoza tried Kyäni Sunset® for the first time six and a half years ago, the results were so immediate she knew she’d be a Kyäni Customer for life. 

“My daughter gave me a sample of Sunset,” she says. “I was shocked by how well I slept, knowing that my body was getting the nightly nutrition it had been missing!”

Helen called her daughter to learn more, and soon started shopping with Kyäni. As the owner of a women’s health and fitness club franchise at the time, and many of the members starting noticing a difference in Helen.  

“People kept asking me how I had so much energy for someone in their 60s,” she says. “My answer was always the Triangle of Health.”

Over the years, Helena has seen remarkable improvements in her overall health, energy, and stamina as she faithfully took Kyäni Sunrise®, Nitro FX®, and Kyäni Sunset® every day. At nearly 70, she’s feeling better than ever!

Beyond the Triangle of Health, Helen is also extremely grateful for two other Kyäni products—HL5® and Electro™. She loves how including the hydrolyzed collagen from HL5 in her afternoon tea benefits and that she has stayed more hydrated by drinking Electro.

But taking the Triangle of Health, HL5, Electro, and other Kyäni products are only part of the effort Helen makes each day to live healthily. She’s an active participant in Nitro Nutrition™ and is now at an ideal weight and feeling like herself again!

“After surviving cancer in my forties, I feel like I’ve been led on a spiritual journey to find health,” she says. “Now I have this hope that I’m actually going to live to be 100—and Kyäni is a huge part of that!”

So what is Helen looking forward to in the next 30 years? Helping her community! Helen and her husband have dedicated their retirement years to volunteering. They serve faithfully at local charities in the Boston area and hold their own Caring Hands projects nearly every month. Next, they hope to be able to participate in one of Kyäni’s official Caring Hands trips around the world. 

“I never planned to just sit around in retirement,” Helen says. “I’m constantly engaged with other people. One thing I’ve always known is that if you’re here at Kyäni for the right reasons, this is about more than just getting great products. It’s about giving your life purpose. And there’s nothing better than that!”

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