Loving Kyäni Products: Melissa Swaim-Campos

Product Success Story: Melissa Swaim-Campos Product Success Story: Melissa Swaim-Campos

When Melissa Swaim-Campos was first introduced to Kyäni by a childhood friend in 2015, she wasn’t that interested in the products. But as a single mom she was very interested in building an extra income stream. Little did she know that her first order would make her a Kyäni customer for life—regardless of her business success. 

“I considered myself pretty healthy already,” Melissa says. “I worked out and I ate well so I didn’t really look that closely at what I put in my first order. I had no idea what to expect, to be completely honest. But the weekend after trying the Triangle of Health for the first time, I started feeling more energetic and had a lot more clarity. Two weeks later it was clear I was feeling much better!”

Melissa realized that giving her overall health some extra support with Kyäni products made it easier to manage the stress of her father’s death and the end of her 18-year marriage. Now she doesn’t go a day without taking the Triangle of Health! 

“In the end, what really got me excited about being a part of Kyäni was the products,” Melissa remembers. “I knew that the products could help me so significantly, there was so much opportunity for it to help others!”

Now Melissa’s 13-year-old and 21-year-old also take the Triangle of Health, and, as Kyäni products have expanded, they have some other family favorites. They love the hydrating benefits of Kyäni Electro™ and the delicious shakes and smoothies they can make with FIT20® and Kyäni Origin™!

Having better overall health has helped Melissa experience some amazing things in her life over the years. A top memory for her is being able to attend one of the Kyäni Caring Hands trips a few years ago. 

“I realized some important things about Kyäni,” she says. “We aren’t just building a business. We are about way more. We are about helping people. We are about making a difference. We are about feeding hungry families and children. We are about educating and giving hope. There’s nothing better!”