Nitric Oxide Spotlight

Nitric Oxide Spotlight Nitric Oxide Spotlight

What is Nitric Oxide and How Does it Support the Body?

Nitric oxide is essential for vascular health by promoting blood flow and providing oxygen to the tissues. It is considered a vasodilator, which means it dilates, or opens, blood vessels to allow blood to flow through more easily.

When you consume nitrate-rich foods or supplements, enzymes in your body reduce nitrates to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps support various functions in your body, including your immune and circulatory systems.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

In addition to supporting healthy blood flow and pressure, nitric oxide has several powerful benefits like helping your body absorb the nutrients you eat. It also supports delivery of oxygen to muscles, helping boost performance and reduce post-workout soreness. Nitric oxide also plays a role in supporting sexual function.

How can I get Nitric Oxide?

Green, leafy vegetables and root plants are rich in natural nitrates. You can also take high-quality supplements that are rich in natural nitrates, including Kyäni Nitro Xtreme®, when you’re short on time or don’t have easy access to those healthy foods.

Nitro Xtreme is the perfect way to keep your body going strong all day long. An important tier in the Kyäni Triangle of Health, Nitro Xtreme contains noni fruit extract, which is proven to promote the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide. This premium product also promotes energy and provides antioxidants that help protect cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Nitro Xtreme and nitric oxide will be a big part of the new Nitro Nation program coming at the 2021 Global Convention! Reserve your spot today to be there live and learn more about how Kyäni’s Nitro products can help you reach your health and exercise goals.


This information relies upon scientific research on certain ingredients in Kyäni products. None of the studies examined Kyäni products specifically, and there is not necessarily a relationship between the results of these studies and any Kyäni product. Neither the studies nor the statements and products referenced here have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Kyäni products are not intended to, and do not, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition.

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