Nitro Nutrition Success Story: Tanya Arcieri

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Tanya Arcieri
Location: Medford, Massachusetts
Age: 32
Joined Kyäni: March 2019

Tanya Arcieri is no stranger to overcoming adversity. In September 2014, she made a commitment to take control of her health after the loss of her grandfather. She made incredible progress over the years, losing and keeping off over 100 pounds. 

Tanya was five years into her health journey when she was first introduced to Kyäni. She had been working with another network marketing company when the opportunity arose to try this new venture. She decided to take a chance, and she has never looked back.

“I saw a better opportunity with Kyäni,” Tanya said. “I’ve seen how the company is a lot different in how they work and how much closer people work together.”

Kyäni’s remarkable community, “a family” as Tanya calls it, has been an important part of her experience from day one. She quickly grew to love the products as well.

Queue Nitro Nutrition

Two years into her time with Kyäni, Tanya was invited to become a Nitro Influencer and test run the brand-new Kyäni program. Despite making tremendous progress over the years, her weight loss had stalled and she was frustrated with her recent lack of improvement. Tanya hoped this new program would provide a way to break through this plateau — and it did!

The “back to basics” approach to wellness opened her eyes and was exactly what Tanya needed. In her first 21-Day Reset, she removed a lot of the salt, gluten, and dairy from her diet, according to the program’s guidelines. Instead of feeling held back from enjoying certain foods, she discovered a love for new, healthy options. She also made a conscious effort to drink more water and regain her excitement for meal-prepping.

The recipe book has been one of her favorite Nitro Nutrition resources. “I’m trying all new foods all over again,” Tanya said. “And there are a lot of new recipes I want to try.”

Tanya’s Favorite Recipe: Creamsicle Shake


  • Kyäni FIT20® Vanilla or Kyäni Origin™ Vanilla
  • 2-4 ounces fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Ice


  • Blend ingredients and enjoy!

Overcoming the Impossible

Since committing to Nitro Nutrition, Tanya’s results have been incredible! She reached her goal to overcome her plateau and has lost 30 pounds by following this “simple, easy-to-understand” program, which she continues to follow with ease. She said the people in her life are starting to notice, and she is excited to tell them about Nitro Nutrition. 

More than the weight loss, Tanya has made incredible progress with her workouts in ways she had never thought possible. She has increased her strength and is now able to lift more than ever before. Her endurance levels are higher than they have ever been as well. Tanya loves how seamlessly she hits her daily 10,000 steps, and she easily keeps up with the instructor during her Zumba classes. 

“I cry because I told myself I did it,” Tanya said, “It makes me cry because I’m happy that I’m actually doing what I thought was impossible.”

That’s more rewarding to her than anything, she said.

“It’s all about making a lifestyle change,” Tanya said. She loves her new healthy habits and having a plan to help her continue to achieve results.

Now, she’s onto her next reset goal — to fit into some of her favorite jeans, or better yet, get to the point where she needs an entirely new wardrobe. She’s already well on her way there, fitting into new clothing sizes regularly. Even more, her success with Nitro Nutrition has encouraged her to embrace a new life goal: Tanya aims to become a certified Zumba instructor this year.

Tanya has grown to love her Kyäni family even more during this experience. She loves being a part of a movement of people who share similar passions and are constantly uplifting and inspiring each other.

“If you have a bad day, the community cheers you right up,” Tanya said. “You have the support you need and you never feel alone. Even though we’re so far away, you feel like they’re right next to you.”

Tanya’s 4 Tips for Success
  1. If you plan ahead, you cannot plan to fail.
  2. Be aware and conscious of what you’re grabbing when you eat.
  3. Always have plenty of water.
  4. If it’s not on the food list, don’t eat it.
  5. Do it for yourself.

Hear more about Tanya’s experience in this Instagram Live video on our Nitro Nutrition Life page.

Join Tanya and the entire Nitro Nation movement, and start your Nitro Nutrition journey today! Take it from Tanya, “You’ll surprise yourself in so many different ways” when you do.

DISCLAIMER: Nitro Nutrition™ is a fitness and nutrition movement focused on healthy living. With a healthy diet, exercise, and supplementation with Kyäni’s award-winning products, Nitro Nutrition is about helping people live healthier. Weight loss should not be expected and results vary depending on starting point, goals, and individual effort. This information, including any advice or recommendations, is intended solely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as medical or healthcare advice, or to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment for any individual problem. It is also not intended as a substitute for professional advice and services from a qualified healthcare provider familiar with your unique facts. If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant, nursing, diabetic, on medication, or if you are beginning a weight control program, consult your physician before using Kyäni products or making any other dietary changes. Discontinue use if adverse events occur.

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