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Restore Resources Restore Resources

As you’ve probably seen, we’ve spent a whole lot of time on Kyäni Restore® lately – from its benefits to its ingredients and everything in-between. Restore is not only the perfect one-stop-shop for premier gut health support, but it also delivers other incredible benefits.

Here’s everything you need to know about this great product – our special highlight reel of all things Restore, all in one place.

Meet Restore

Imagine waking up energized and confident, ready to tackle your day. Our official Restore launch article includes a short and sweet overview and a product highlight video (perfect for sharing!)


Restore features the first and only proprietary probiotic stack that focuses on your body’s overall nitric oxide production to support nutrient absorption, healthy gut flora, and immune health.

Liver and Kidney Blend

Restore’s 2-in-1 liver/kidney blend provides herbs that support these important organs. This blend supports optimal liver and kidney function and manages the filtering process of what you eat, drink, and breathe.

Digestive Enzymes

This natural, plant-based digestive enzyme blend supports digestion by helping your body break down and metabolize your proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

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