The Science Behind MentaFocus

Lack of focus or forgetfulness is something we all experience every now and then. However, in today’s hectic world, we tend to have these incidents more and more often. We encounter so many distractions on a daily basis, which become more prevalent when we are under stressful conditions. Those moments when we lack concentration and memory recall can affect both our personal and professional lives. Think about all the times when you could have used a little more concentration, attention, alertness, or memory recall and how that would have changed an event in your life. 

That’s why Amare Global has developed MentaFocus, an advanced, innovative product composed of a unique proprietary blend of key ingredients backed by clinical studies shown to support focus, mental sharpness, clarity, creativity, and cognitive functioning.* 

MentaFocus contains a proprietary pomegranate extract that has been shown in studies to increase short-term and long-term memory, enhance brain activation, and improve both working and recognition memory.* 

Key Benefits of MentaFocus

  • Enhances clarity, cognition, and creativity* 
  • Increases short-term and long-term memory* 
  • Empowers and sustains a sense of mental focus* 
  • Improves concentration, attention, and alertness* 
  • All-natural & stimulant-free* 
  • Promotes stress reduction*

Empowering Ingredients 

MentaFocus is designed to supercharge your mind with high-quality, natural ingredients, to empower you to be at your best.*

Key Ingredients are Clinically Proven to:

  • Restore “youthful” brain function*†
  • Increase short-term memory and long-term memory by increasing visual and verbal recall by 28%*†
  • Improves both working memory and recognition memory and reduces functional brain age by 12 years*†

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.    

†Based on key ingredients in clinical studies