The Science Behind the Amare Kids Line

From the moment a child is born, parents continuously watch for development markers. From their first pediatric visit through adolescence, children are measured and monitored for proper development in height, weight, strength, and other key physical wellness indicators. But what about mental wellness?

Most of us are taught at a young age what it means to physically be well without knowing what it means to also be mentally well. We’re changing that narrative. Mental wellness can no longer be looked at as an afterthought. In fact, it’s the primary driver of health and happiness—and we’re helping you address it while your kids are young.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at how the Amare Kids line uses gut-brain axis science to support growing bodies and minds with a complete mind and body nutrition system for kids and teens. 

Kids FundaMentals™

All-in-one gut-brain axis nutrition*

The gut-brain axis is a key component of mental wellness and overall health for children, just like it is for adults. However, many kids resist swallowing capsules every day. So we converted the benefits of the world’s first award-winning, gut-brain axis nutrition system, The Amare FundaMentals Pack™, into an all-in-one great tasting mixable powder for kids!  

For years, science told us that mental wellness was a result of what was going on in our head. However, emerging science shows that mental wellness is not all about what’s happening in our primary brain. In fact, our gut produces more neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin, than our brain. These so-called “feel-good” neurotransmitters regulate our mood and affect our overall mental wellness. This is why modern science has labeled our gut as our second brain. 

Our gut is a very important component of the multidirectional communication network known as the gut-brain axis (GBX). The GBX connects our gastrointestinal system (gut), nervous system (brain), and immune system (axis) with a vast array of cellular and biochemical messengers throughout the entire body, including the microbiome, hormones, cytokines, and neurotransmitters. 

Kids FundaMentals™ is a comprehensive product designed to support the entire gut-brain axis (GBX), featuring our MW3™ Probiotic Proprietary Blend, Phytobiotic Proprietary Blend, and Gut-Axis Support Proprietary Blend. It is the world’s only product formulated to specifically support the gut-brain axis for kids and teens! 

Key ingredients in Kids FundaMentals have been clinically shown to:     

  • Have equivalent benefits to the Amare FundaMentals Pack™ in a one scoop serving for kids and teens of all ages*
  • Support the growth and vitality of a range of beneficial gut bacteria*
  • Increase short-term and long-term memory by increasing visual and verbal recall by 28%*† 

Kids VitaGBX®

Premium nutrition for a  healthy body and mind*

Kids and teens often don’t get enough necessary nutrients in their everyday diets. From sports games to dance recitals, parents are pressed for time as it is—making little time for home-cooked meals that have all the proper nutrients. It’s tough, we know. But it’s essential for kids and teens to get the right nutrition at an early age.

Nutrition during the developmental years of a child has been shown to have a significant impact on their health as an adult. Both kids and teens need to begin with a strong, nutrient-rich foundation—a base that will take them from healthy, young individuals to energetic, positive adults. 

Kids VitaGBX®  is a comprehensive multivitamin for kids that combines more than 50 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. Packed with pure nutrients kids and teens need as they grow and develop, our easy-to-digest capsules feature both our Bright Mind Proprietary Blend (for mind support) and Amare GBX+ Proprietary Blend (for gut-brain axis support) to empower a well balanced body and mind. 

Kids VitaGBX is not your typical multivitamin. In our blend, we’ve added just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to supplement gaps in the average daily diet of a child and teen, unlike some other multivitamins that are overloaded with dangerous mega-doses. Kids VitaGBX® comes in a delicious, chewable, fruity tablet—perfect for kids and teens of all ages.*

Key ingredients in Kids VitaGBX have been clinically shown to:

  • Improve concentration, attention and alertness in the developing brain.*
  • Deliver more than 50 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients for a well balanced body and mind specifically for kids and teens.*
  • Enhance optimal function of the gut-brain axis specifically for kids and teens.*

Kids Mood+™

All-natural mood support*

Kids have a lot on their plate these days! Schoolwork, extracurricular activities, friendships, and the ever increasing use of technology has created new dynamics and pressure for growing children in a fast-paced society. On top of all of that, it can be difficult for parents and children to consistently make the right daily choices when it comes to nutrition and activities. Too much processed food and screen time can lead to problems with mood, focus, mental acuity, and stress resilience. 

Amare Kids Mood+™ is formulated to support joyful families by providing significant benefits for kids and teens in their mood support, stress resilience, cognitive performance, calmness, focus, and positivity. The key ingredients in Kids Mood+ are delivered in a delicious powder that can be consumed directly—similar to a pixie-stick—or be mixed in with water or juice!*

Kids Mood+ features an all-natural Mood Boost Proprietary Blend, which features affron®, a patented and clinically studied premium saffron stigma extract that is shown to normalize feel-good neurotransmitter activity, reduce oxidative stress, reduce stress hormones, and provide neuroprotective benefits. The blend also includes holy basil leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, clove flower extract, and oregano leaf extract, which have multiple scientific studies that validate their effectiveness for mood support.* 

Being a parent is fulfilling, enriching and emotional. Seeing a smile and joy in your child is perhaps the greatest feeling a parent can have. At Amare, we formulated Kids Mood+ with our own kids in mind. The heart of this product is in creating happy and healthier children and families through targeted nutrition!*

Key ingredients in Kids Mood+ have been clinically shown to:

  • Normalize serotonin and dopamine neurotransmitter activity*
  • Support mood and stress regulation for a calm body and mind*
  • Support memory improvement and efficiency*

A Comprehensive Trio for Kids Mental Wellness

The best gut-brain axis support. The best full-body vitamins. The best mood boosting nutrition. The Amare Kids Line is a one-stop shop to empower your kid from head to toe so they can be their best— student, artist, athlete, servant leader—self.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 
† Based on key ingredients in clinical studies