The Science Behind the Happy Health Pack

Level-up your lifestyle with top Kyäni and Amare fan favorites in the Happy Health Pack! This convenient new pack combines the powerful mental wellness support of Amare Happy Juice™ with the synergistic nutritional support of the Kyäni Triangle of Health. Together, these two trios of products support the optimal mind-body balance you need in this hectic, fast paced world.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the science behind the products in the Happy Health Pack and how they can support your healthy lifestyle!

Amare Happy Juice: Coordinated Neurotransmitter Balance

This combination of MentaBiotics®, EDGE™, and Energy+ earned the Happy Juice nickname from Amare customers because—you guessed it—it helps them feel happier! These three products support key functions of the gut-brain axis for coordinated neurotransmitter balance and overall mental wellness. When you drink Happy Juice, you’ll start to feel benefits in three key areas: mood, motivation, and focus!

Mood Support 

Did you know that 90% of our serotonin, the primary neurotransmitter responsible for happiness and mood, is actually produced and located in our gut? MentaBiotics supports healthy levels of “feel-food” neurotransmitters—like serotonin—by providing gut-friendly strains of probiotics (good bacteria), prebiotics (encourage the growth of good bacteria) and phytobiotics (protect good bacteria).

Motivation Support

Feeling happy is only half the battle of mental wellness. You might need some motivation too! EDGE is a powerful, all-natural nootropic that supports mental flow, body and mind endurance, and enhanced neuron regeneration. Also known as cognitive enhancers, nootropics found in EDGE have a positive impact on mental skills including motivation and creativity. 

Mental Focus Support

When busy lives leave you feeling tired and sluggish, Energy+ is  a great way to get an energy boost without the jitters or crash you might get from many high-stimulant or high-sugar energy drinks. Energy+ features guayusa leaf extract from the Amazon rainforest, which is known for its mental alertness benefits and positive effect on neurotransmitter function.

EDGE also contains our unique Amare GBX+ Proprietary Blend, which is designed to empower the gut-brain axis by fueling and increasing the blood flow to the brain, and encouraging it to function at an optimized capacity.

Kyäni Triangle of Health: Coordinated Cellular Protection

The Kyäni Triangle of Health is the pillar of the Kyäni product line-up that our Customers can’t live without! This powerful trio of Kyäni Sunrise, Kyäni Nitro Xtreme, and Kyäni Sunset is a three-step nutrition system that delivers the nutrients you need and leverages nutritional science to help ensure they are optimally absorbed by your body to help you achieve optimal health. The Triangle of Health provides support in three key areas: antioxidant protection, blood flow, and inflammatory balance. 

Antioxidant Protection

Kyäni Sunrise® is an antioxidant powerhouse! It unites the nutritional power of 22 antioxidant superfoods, including the vaccinium alaskaense, a wild species of blueberries selected for the unique vitamins and minerals they provide. The result is a delicious, nutritious blend of 10 essential water-soluble vitamins and 60+ minerals in a daily single serving to support balanced living.

Blood Flow and Absorption

Nitric Oxide is the most important signaling molecule in the body. As we age, our cells produce less Nitric Oxide, slowing our circulation and making it harder for our bodies to absorb nutrients and get what they need to operate efficiently. Kyäni Nitro Xtreme® is a premium formula designed to support the body’s production of Nitric oxide, which helps maintain healthy circulation to allow for blood, oxygen, and nutrients to travel efficiently and effectively throughout the body.

Inflammatory Balance

Kyäni Sunset® is designed to support brain and heart health, cell integrity, immune system effectiveness, and healthy inflammatory response with several key ingredients. Premium, clean, wild-sourced Omega-3s support your most vital organs, while tocotrienols—a very potent form of vitamin E—provide antioxidant power and help fight the effects of oxidative stress. Vitamin D3 adds sunshine power to help maintain healthy bones, teeth, muscles, cellular function, cognition, and immune function.

Working Together to Level-Up Your Lifestyle!

As you can see, there are dozens of powerful benefits from drinking Happy Juice and taking the Triangle of Health every day. When combined in the Happy Health pack, you’re getting a full range of mind body benefits! Add the Happy Health Pack to your order today and start functioning and feeling better for next-level mental and physical performance!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.