Visit the All New Kyani Shop! Have You Checked Out the New Look?

Rebuilt from the ground up, Kyäni’s store is now a shop with all the bells and whistles! (And plenty more to come!) Getting all the Kyäni products that support your healthy lifestyle is easier and more intuitive than ever. Here are just a few of the new benefits you’ll experience when you log in.

Benefits and Features You Will Love!

Track Your Way to Free Shipping

This feature tracks your progress toward free shipping and alerts you when you’ve met the qualification!

Easy Checkout with Saved Payments & Addresses

No more hunting for your wallet! Save as many shipping addresses and credit cards as you’d like for a true one-page checkout each time you shop! Here you can review or edit any part of your order.

Improved Navigation Menus

Not only are switching countries and languages easier than ever, you will love being able to explore the new “SHOP” mega menu to find the perfect products for your Health Goals, Explore programs, and shop by Category or Features and Highlights!

Advanced Search Capabilities

Intuitive search capabilities—including autocomplete—more accurately predict and find what you’re looking for.

Subscribe and Save Price Comparison

Compare savings and choose between one-time purchases and subscriptions to make the best choice for you!

Easy Account Information Access

Shopping is easier than ever with the ability to create a Username instead of being assigned a randomly generated customer number. Account information is quickly accessed from the Sign In/Sign Up dropdown, including who your sponsor is.

Shop and Learn On One Site

No more hopping across domains between learning about a product and trying to purchase it! Discover all the benefits of Kyäni products and add them to your cart on the same page as we start unifying and the store.

Facts, Features & Benefits

Our carefully sourced ingredients are the power behind each of our products. New visuals, stories, and benefit descriptions of those ingredients, along with detailed Supplement Fact Panels, are right at your fingertips!