What’s the difference? PRO- vs. PRE- Biotics

Spotlight: Probiotics and Prebiotics Spotlight: Probiotics and Prebiotics

You may have heard about probiotics and prebiotics, but many of us don’t really know how they differ or how important they are to feeling our best. We’re here to shine the spotlight on these essential microorganisms and how you can experience their many benefits.

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s take a moment to go over why digestive health is important in the first place.

A healthy digestive system is responsible for several key aspects of physical and mental health. The gut is considered the “second brain” and plays an important role in immune function. When it’s working well, we feel great. But when something is out of balance, we feel that too. Our modern lifestyle is packed with factors that impact digestive health. Poor sleep, bad dietary habits, and even environmental factors can wreak havoc on our gut health. From bloating, pressure, and sluggishness to impairing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and regulate key functions, poor digestive health can keep us from living our best health.

When it comes to mental health, the digestive system is surprisingly crucial. In fact, 90% of serotonin—the neurotransmitter responsible for emotions and happiness—is found in the gut. That means if your gut is out of balance, it can negatively affect your mood and stress levels.

Now that we understand the benefits of a healthy gut, let’s dive into how probiotics and prebiotics can impact our gut microbiome.


Our bodies are home to an estimated 100 trillion bacteria, many of which reside in our gut. You might cringe a bit when you hear the word “bacteria,” but certain bacteria can actually be beneficial for our health. These “good” bacteria include probiotics, microorganisms that benefit digestive function and impact overall health. Each type of probiotic can have different effects.

While probiotics are naturally occurring in the body, they can also be supplemented in our diets to help counterbalance unwanted bacteria. Probiotic foods include yogurt, kombucha, sauerkraut, and other fermented foods.


Prebiotics are non-digestible fiber nutrients that feed the good probiotic bacteria, helping balance the gut microbiome. These microorganisms break down and digest food and support key areas like the immune system and hormone health.

Many prebiotic fibers can be found in common foods, including onions, garlic, asparagus, honey, and bananas. You can also get prebiotics from one of our favorite Kyäni ingredients, chicory (more on that soon). While you can get prebiotics in the food you eat, most people do not consume enough of these foods to give the good bacteria the nutrition it needs. That’s where prebiotic supplementation comes in.

Kyäni Products and Prebiotics

Kyäni has not one, not two, but three incredible products that provide prebiotic support: Kyäni HL5®, Kyäni Nitro FX®, and Kyäni Nitro Xtreme®.

One of the key ingredients in Kyäni’s HL5 and our Nitro products is the prebiotic powerhouse chicory root, which helps balance the gut by feeding the good probiotic bacteria.

In addition to its chicory root that acts as a prebiotic, Kyäni HL5 boasts grass-fed natural collagen protein designed for maximum absorption to support healthy joints, skin, and hair as well as build lean muscle, optimize fat metabolism, and provide long-lasting energy on the go.

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Kyäni Nitro FX and Nitro Xtreme also contain concentrated noni fruit extract, which is high in dietary nitrates and supports the body’s production of nitric oxide, which promotes healthy circulation and helps us better absorb nutrients.

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Kyäni Products and Probiotics

One of our newest and most popular products is widely known for its immense gut health benefits. Kyäni Restore® is a revolutionary probiotic blend that supports nutrient absorption and provides digestive support. This 5-in-1 formula features powerful NitroBiotics™, an exclusive Kyäni blend that provides key probiotics and supports nitric oxide production.

Restore also features plant-based enzymes to soothe and balance digestion, herbs for liver and kidney support, and a proprietary blend of ingredients to support overall gut health, optimize digestion, and minimize bloating.

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This information relies upon scientific research on certain ingredients in Kyäni products. None of the studies examined Kyäni product specifically, and there is not necessarily a relationship between the results of these studies and any Kyäni product. Neither the studies nor the statements and products referenced here have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Association. Kyäni products are not intended to, and do not, diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition.

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