Bundle & Save

Bundle & Save is an option presented to anyone who adds selected packs to a Subscribe & Save order. 

For example, if you add a Triangle of Health Pack to your Subscribe & Save order, you will be given an option to create a Bundle & Save order. With this option, you can add up to three individual products to your ongoing order at steep discounts, beyond the savings you would get in a Subscribe & Save order. 2 bundles are allowed per month.

There are two ways you can create a Bundle & Save ongoing order.

  1. Choose your favourite product pack, such as the Triangle of Health Pack, and select the “Subscribe & Save” option when you add it to your cart. When you click “Add to Cart”, the option to create a Bundle & Save will be presented and you will be able to choose three additional products before adding the bundle to your cart. You may also click on ‘Create Bundle’ highlighted in green in your Shopping Cart summary. When you place your order, the Bundle & Save order will be automatically saved to your account.
  1. Login and open the drop down menu under your name. Select “Manage My Subscribe & Save.” Click “Create a New Subscribe and Save Order.” Click “Build” under the “Bundle & Save” section you see at the top of the Subscribe & Save page. Use the drop down menus to select your product pack and additional products. Click “Continue” to review your order details and then “Complete” to save your order.
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