Changes about Kyäni Sunset

Dear Customers, Dear Business Partners,

As some of you may have noticed, one of our top sellers is undergoing some changes. We are talking about Kyäni Sunset. Visually, you can see that the capsules have changed in shape and color.

We are increasingly bundling our raw material procurement and production in Europe to make us more resistant to raw material and supply chain bottlenecks.

Now we source the capsule shells from Norway and this change allows us to ensure a better supply chain and product availability. The new Sunset capsule shells require less water in the manufacturing process, which leads to the visual changes.

Another improvement of the new capsule shells is the shape, which is smaller (due to less water) and therefore more convenient to take.

All these changes are not affecting the nutrient content, the benefits of Kyäni Sunset are still the same.

This change in the manufacturing process also gives us the opportunity to formulate and optimize Kyäni Sunset in the near future, because our goal is always to provide you with the best products.

Stay tuned and excited!

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